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As seen in VOGUE | TISKA London Press

As seen in the designer profile section of British Vogue, October 2017

“TISKA London was founded by British Designer Kim Stacey and is inspired by Scandinavia. The brand promotes positivity, strength and independence in Women. Each collection has a story behind them and each item an Icelandic name. TISKA London does not have collections based on years but on seasons. This means the collections offer a timeless yet unique style and can be worn again and again making the clothes an investment and stepping away from fast fashion. Instagram @tiska_london. Model Saoirse Brown”


“One of the World’s leading fashion designers, Vivienne Westwood once said… ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.’

In other words, make sure that you buy well made, timeless, stylish clothes. Okay, they will almost certainly cost more but you will be able to wear them again and again.
It’s a view fully supported by one of the North East’s up-and-coming fashion designers, Kimberley Stacey who last year established the TISKA London label.
Kimberley’s latest collections have a seriously Nordic theme. There’s a very good reason for that; her father owns a travel company specialising in trips to Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Kimberley was brought up exploring those countries which now feel like a second home.
She also fell in love with Nordic style.
Kimberley’s brand promotes positivity, strength and independence in women. Each TISKA London collection is based on a story written by her and each garment has a Nordic inspired name. The collections are not based on current trends. This allows them to have a unique style which won’t date, meaning they are more of an investment than a response to fast fashion.
TISKA (which means ‘fashion’ in Icelandic) currently has two collections, Lilya was unveiled last year, and now the Aría collection has just been launched.
As you can see from the photos (taken by North East photographer Laura Massey of LMASSEY PHOTOGRAPHY), Kimberley has a style all of her own. TISKA London is already attracting attention and has appeared in British Vogue Magazine and has gained strong social presence (@tiska_london on Instagram)…but now it is a case of moving the business forward.
As any mother will tell you, mixing work with looking after a lively 7 year old son, takes a lot of juggling.
“TISKA London is ready to move onto the next stage,” said Kimberley. “The clothes have been designed, so it’s a case of getting them out into the boutiques and letting people see them, feel the quality and try them on.
But I need help. I’m currently contacting boutiques but also ask for some to get in touch with me. I’m also investigating whether investors would like to get involved and I am about to launch a crowd-funding campaign. Everything so far has come from my own financial resources but, to really take TISKA London onto the next stage, I need support.”
Kimberley has enormous drive, ambition and undoubted skill. Her two collections have won rave reviews but it’s obvious that if TISKA London is to grow, she will need backing.
Kimberley Stacey and TISKA London; they’re fashionably good.”


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‘Me Too’ is the sensational Tiggi Hawkes new single out 2nd March 2018. A gifted wordsmith, Hawke draws from her own life and her own experiences to craft gloriously colourful pop music. Her ability to nail a feeling, to crystallise a sense of drama, has drawn early comparisons to Taylor Swift, or even Ellie Goulding. Tiggi Hawke is the face of TISKA London in 2018.

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“After stumbling upon her new though already promising brand, I contacted her immediately for an interview. I was charmed by extraordinary cuts, easy to wear fluidity and the grown-up results of a vivid imagination…”


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“TISKA London is British at its core yet inspired by the Nordic nature and culture making the brand’s collections the perfect example of today’s multi-cultural British society. The brand’s mission is to promote positivity and empower women, a value that is prominent on the stories –sagas-that the designer bases her collections on, all of which feature strong female characters that take life in their hands to make their dreams come true. Much like the designer herself…..” READ MORE >>