The heading “Persistance and Determination” is a quote taken from the film “The Founder.” This is the story of the man who founded McDonald’s. I know McDonald’s has nothing to do with Nordic inspired fashion or especially TISKA London, but surely you can relate this message to just about anything?


Throughout the movie ‘The Founder’ comes across multiple difficulties in his long-term goal to franchise the fast food restaurant. (Spoiler alert: he succeeds!)


At the end of the film he explains that to become successful, talent isn’t the only thing you need. I believe this is important, as persistence and determination are essential. This is because enough people have some form of talent, but jump ship as a result of rejection or failure.

You need not be strong and not be afraid to receive any form of rejection. It is crucial that you step back and learn from your mistakes and understand what you can do better the next time around.

I know that this is true as I was born with Dyslexia and ADD. This means that during my time at school I heavily struggled. Teachers were insistent that I drop out of school at 16. I ignored them and worked my hardest, I was able to pass my GCSE’s and continued through to the sixth form. Skip to the present day I have achieved a degree and recently graduated with a Masters in digital marketing.

The point I am trying to make is that you should not jump ship when times are hard. If you are a persistent individual, you will be rewarded in some way shape or form.

You should take the negativity that people throw at you and throw it back at them twice as hard by proving them wrong.

Because the truth is who knows what you are capable of? I proved professional academics wrong who had no belief in me whatsoever. What can you do?


Post by Ben Stacey, Designer Kimberley Stacey’s brother. Co – Founder of Little Chickpeas;

iceland | Persistance and Determination
Aría - Persistance and Determination
Aría | Persistance and Determination