There have been times that I have been in Reykjavik and seen ladies walk past and think how is it possible to look that good, there is a freaking wind storm happening right now?

Nordic Women have their own style that is so different to everywhere else and I just love it.

In Nordic countries, they are the masters of style! Monochrome seems to be the theme along with layers to insulate the heat, but why do Nordic Women look so good? Is the reason a lot deeper than just because they are stylish?

Women in Nordic regions are strong-minded and independent. They are often self-sufficient and don’t play fragile or depend on males and this is an attractive trait to many. One of my beautiful Swedish friends s one of the strongest women I know, in every sense of the word. If you spend time with a Nordic woman you’ll see that they don’t take any crap. You’ll also see they know how to look after themselves.

The Nordic population is amongst the happiest in the world – happiness is attractive. The Telegraph revealed that Norway is the happiest place, partly down to gender equality. Iceland was found to have a smaller gender gap than any other country, followed by Norway and Finland. Why does this matter? Well, it means that women are respected just as much as men. Female brain power does not go to waste and so women feel empowered, become stronger (in every sense) therefore become more beautiful.

One main theory of why they are physically beautiful is when the Vikings went to their neighbouring countries they took women back home with them. But not just any women – HOT women! These blokes knew the grass would be greener and would not just settle for what they had back home. Especially when all they had to do was sail up and down Western Europe’s coastline looking for the fittest birds to take back with them. Because of this the gene pool of the Nordic countries ended up with a higher percentage of “beautiful women genes.” They created a super race of strong Viking women.

Nordic women do not tend to wear much makeup – if any. Research suggests men prefer the more natural look over heavy makeup. However, as the Vikings only took the beautiful Nordic Women it would seem makeup isn’t required anyway. It may also be down to the purity of the water creating good skin making makeup unnecessary. Traditionally they eat a lot of fish as well and we all know there are many health benefits for this…

In summary, the Nordic countries are a great place to be… and I haven’t even started talking about the men yet… this is for another time,

Strong Nordic Viking women – I salute you.

Blog by Fashion Designer Kim Stacey.

Nordic women
Nordic Women