Kimberley Stacey

Authentically British, Nordic Inspired

My Story

TISKA London is a British fashion label that is inspired by all things Nordic and promotes positivity, strength and independence in women.
Each striking yet timeless collection is based on Nordic themes and stories written by the designer, Kimberley Stacey, all of which have strong central female characters.
The first collection is called Lilya saga and is inspired by the story of a young Icelandic woman travelling to Sweden and discovering a hotel made of Ice.
The brand also champions slow fashion and makes every item to order so you can connect to the clothes on a more intimate level.
Designer Kimberley Stacey

TISKA LONDON continues beyond aesthetics. The brand is produced sustainably; Stacey is a champion of slow fashion. She names the need for less raw materials as her main motivation: “Fast fashion is mass produced meaning prices stay low. With the prices being so low it encourages consumers to buy more than is needed, this results in more landfill. Around 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year. Every time it rains, water drains through all the rubbish and picks up chemical and hazardous materials. I follow British Designer Vivienne Westwood’s view  ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.

Designer Kimberley Stacey in Finland

Kimberley Stacey

Founder And Fashion Designer

After achieving a degree in Fashion Design and Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University I became a mum to Harvey. I launched TISKA London August 2017 and it is reaching new heights with being featured in British VOGUE, invites to fashion shows worldwide and Celebrity interest.

I understand the importance of being strong and independent – something I strive to show through my label and designs. Travels to Iceland throughout my life as well as numerous trips to Sweden’s Icehotel, the Norwegian fjords, Tromsø, Lapland and the lakes of Finland has resulted in a deep love and connection with all things Nordic.

Stacey had the unique pleasure of growing up with sights straight from a fantasy land. Envision a childhood riding Icelandic horses, building tunnels in giant snow drifts, taking in the northern lights and even spending time at a glacier lagoon. Pure magic.”

Kimberley Stacey Sewing
Iceland folk legends
Kimberley Stacey modelling on the stand