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This is what one may call a modern fairytale, but it is a story set in the extreme north where the whites lay in heavy drifts and the sun never rises above the horizon.

Is it a story of a young Icelandic woman – Lilya.

Lilya carried far too many burdens for someone so young. She felt the need to travel and leave her worries behind; she believed her escape to be an answer to her sorrow.

Northern Sweden was the place Lilya decided to escape to, here she enjoyed the enchantment of new scenery. Despite the intense cold, she found warmth in the isolation of the icy heartlands.

Lilya explores far and wide before stumbling across a hotel made of ice, Intrigued she invited herself inside.

Lilya in her room | LILYA Saga Collection
Lilya discovers the Ice Hotel | LILYA Saga Collection

With a rush of emotion she is drawn to the centre of the hotel. Walking down the sculpted corridor lifted her mood, realising the beauty was temporary. In a matter of months the hotel would melt back into the river it came from.

As she continued to focus on the present her unhappy past faded from memory. The thoughts of the unpleasant troll and his family were replaced with a thirst for the future.

Inspired by the difference in perspective of the crystal room she chooses to sleep in she continues this process of recovery. The temporary crystallisation of her surroundings help her understand just how limited and finite life is.

 She sleeps in solitude and as she awakes Lilya finds herself renewed by a fresh Arctic energy.

She leaves with enthusiasm but in a complacent trance, realising she has grown far too much inside for her years. Lilya knows she needs to learn to be young again. Making her way across the wilderness she is struck by a tree, leaving an imprint on her face snapping her out of her trance; nature has its way of knocking its own kind of sense into her.

Lilya opens her eyes and she is back in her own bedroom. She gazes out at the snowy graffiti covered walls that sit parallel to her window with the memory of the dream and the foreign land fresh in her mind.

She slowly brings her hand to her face realising the imprint from the tree still remains .

Lilya in her hooded scarf | LILYA Saga Collection
Lilya in her cream dress | LILYA Saga Collection
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Aría was a young woman that lived with her mother in the hidden valleys beyond the mountains deep in Iceland.