Travel Inspires.

One of my favourite childhood memories is when my Dad took me to the Bahamas to go swimming with dolphins. I remember the moment he told me that we were going – we were having Sunday lunch in our dining room and I thought he was joking. I was about 12 at the time and it was my ultimate dream. The trip was just the 2 of us – a rare opportunity to have 1 to 1 time with my Dad. He has a travel business so was away a lot and I have 3 siblings. It was a very special trip and so many funny things happened, including me crashing a golf buggy (sorry Dad!)

I have grown up with travel – this has made me who I am today. It has kept me open minded to different experiences and people.

My son Harvey shares my love of travel. I get so much pleasure in seeing him experience different countries and cultures. I hope that as he grows his experiences will broaden his mind. We will look back with fond memories. Harvey will have opportunities to interact with different kinds of people, just like I did; I hope this will positively impact his maturity in his thinking and behaviour.

travel inspires

My label is of course inspired by travel mainly to the Nordic regions but travel does not just inspire me professionally.

It has taught me that we need to step out of our comfort zone, to take risks, to be grateful.  It has taught me to switch off, to look up from my phone at the world around and to be excited about life.

If we do all this and open our eyes to what is out there then we will all become better, more understanding people.

travel inspires
travel inspires