Recently I completed a successful crowdfunding campaign and here are some of the people that supported me, they were a vital part in the establishment of TISKA London and really deserve a mention;

Sally Gard

Hannah Holmes

Gemma Stacey

Erika Sykes

Lady Kitt

Wajeeha Husain

Sophie Jones

Mats Egnell

Robyn Kewley

Charlotte Parker

Helen Rich

J. Didriksen


Victory Cruise Lines

Cécile Maitre


Dina Quaas

Tiggi Hawke

Steven Robertson

Jo Cooper


I am so lucky that I get to work with some really amazing and talented people. Here are some more people that help make TISKA London a reality;


TISKA London’s photographer is Laura Massey.

Originally from Ireland, Laura now lives in the thriving city of Newcastle upon Tyne. She gained an interest in photography in her early teens and began assisting photographers at the young age of sixteen. Now with over six years of experience she specialises in fashion, portrait and commercial photography.

Laura is known for her easy, bubbly personality and loves to work others to create beautiful imagery.


Narin Viktoria Günes is an artist and illustrator currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Quite comfortable with moving around, she has studied and worked in England and China, as well as in the south, heart and north of Sweden. Narin Viktoria loves reading good books, contemplating the mysteries of the universe and creating all things beautiful.


Tyne Tees Models have been great and the two models we have booked through them have been just perfect and great to work with.

For the Lilya Saga Collection – Beth Harris

For the Aría Saga – Bethany Turnbull