Aría wearing white wrap
Aría wearing suit jacket




Aría was a young woman that lived with her mother in the hidden valleys beyond the mountains deep in Iceland. She didn’t have much luck with love. She met her first love in winter, but he turned out to be a troll in disguise and ended up turning into stone when the sun finally came up.

Then there was the Elf; now in Iceland Elves are tall, their clothes opulent and made of fine fabrics. They are invisible to humans unless they choose to be seen so this is where the problem lay. Álfar the elf only wanted to be seen by Aría,

As a result Aría decided to take a break from dating these strange creatures and threw herself into something she loved – books. During the dark winter everyday she would go to the library in her local town to read.


Now each time she would go to the library she would have to pass a haunted field. Because Aría was a strong woman and did not let this get in the way of her passion. Each evening she would see ghosts with their long white dresses in the copper fields by her home. It is said that ghosts supernatural powers become less potent over time – she knew that she couldn’t get rid of them and that it was best to ignore them.

One day she learnt that the library was going to close down soon and she could not bear the thought and as a result she stuffed as many books as she could into her outer clothing and bound them with string around her waist to prevent them falling.

Then came the first day of summer. Aría had by then filled her room with so many books that she no longer needed to travel to the soon to be a closing library and past the haunted field. Aría was content, the sun started to shine in through her windows, lighting up her once dark room.

Now Summer was turning out to be a good one, Aría was growing stronger every day with her wealth of knowledge from the books and the warmth from the sun helped her become more positive about life in general. One of the books she read was about folklore, the legend goes that if you sit at a crossroads on a Midsummer night, elves will attempt to seduce you with food and gifts. There are serious consequences for being seduced by their offers, but great rewards for resisting. Aría thought she would try this out. She got up and dressed in her favourite heeled clogs and kept her legs warm with long white socks.



Elf after Elf tried with their tall stature and beautiful clothing, each time Arīa resisted each Elf would disappear. Lastly Álfar, her ex, tried and he even offered to show himself so the world could see him. For he was in admiration at how strong Aría had grown, of course, she was so focused on the future and she did not want to look back; she ignored him.

Finally, Aría won, they offered her anything she wanted and it was then that she realized she wanted for nothing. Her mind was strong with knowledge. Her body strong as a result from the endurance of her walks to the library carrying the weight of all those books. She was fearless from facing the ghosts. Her force of will tested by the elves only proved further determination and strength of conviction.

Above all Aría was strong and stayed true to herself.

a story by Designer Kimberley Stacey